HISTORIA in English

Fedor Yakovlevich Alekseev   View from the Lubyanka Square to the Vladimir Gate in Moscow 1800s   (MeisterDrucke 782249) jpg
Mikhail Gorbachev: 'It All Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War' jpeg
Donald Trump's interview on NATO, Brexit and Russia  Full transcript jpeg
A History of the Florescu’s:  The Turbulent Century jpeg
Decrypting of Tartaria inscription  Part 2  (Rectangular amulet)  jpeg
General Ioan Emanoil Florescu Founder and Organizer of the Romanian Army jpeg
Liberals, Romantics, Revolutionaries   The Florescus and the 1848 revolution jpeg
Living in Byzantium after Byzantium  The Florescu family in 17th and 18th Century Wallachia jpeg
Does religion truly lead to conflict? jpeg
Rising up to the Turkish challenge   The Florescu family in the age of Michael the Brave jpeg
Neighbours of Islam: the early Florescus in the late 14th to early 16th centuries png
What’s the point of national symbols? jpeg
How can we define religion? png
Love has a history of its own jpeg
Is Gender a Real Thing? jpeg
Races aren’t real  At least not biologically  jpeg
We use the past to build our groups jpeg
Jihadi Sympathizers are Not What You’d Expect jpeg
Battle of Stalingrad, the turning point of World War II in Europe jpeg
A War Diary Soars Over Rome   The story of Emperor Trajan’s victory and the 155 scenes carved in a spiral frieze on a monumental column jpeg
Famous speeches: Reagan's Evil Empire jpeg
Why do we celebrate the National Day? jpeg
16 things you didn’t know about JFK! jpeg
"We Shall Fight on the Beaches" jpeg
Excerpt from the Evil Empire Speech by Ronald Reagan  March 8, 1983 jpeg
The American Mediation in the Conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina jpeg
How did the Second World War affect the British Society? jpeg
The British Censorship during the WW2 png
Think you know everything about South Korea? Think again! gif
Starbucks – The Successful Business of Selling Coffee jpeg
15 things you didn’t know about Japan! jpeg
John Lennon and the Beatles jpeg
John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Inaugural Address on January 20th, 1961 jpeg
A Story of Racism and Discrimination: the Impact Michael Jackson and Prince had on Popular Culture jpeg
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the New Deal and American Politics jpeg
The John Fitzgerald Kennedy Myth jpeg
How did Franklin Roosevelt perceive Nazi Germany? jpeg
Freddie Mercury – It’s a Kind of Magic jpeg
The Outbreak of the Second World War jpeg
Martin Luther King Jr  – The Dreamer and the Achiever jpeg
Why do we study history? jpeg
Die Welle or How Democratic Societies are not Immune to the Appeal of Fascism jpeg
Why was the Ribbentrop Molotov Pact signed? jpeg
Winston Churchill: ”The Sinews of Peace” (Iron Curtain Speech) jpeg
Elvis Presley – The King of Rock’n’Roll jpeg
Alexander Solzhenitsyn: A World Split Apart jpeg
Jimi Hendrix – The Guitar God jpeg
What brought about the Second World War? png
Freedom and the Dead Poets Society jpeg