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15 things you didn’t know about Japan!

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Autor: Cezara Anton

Do you think you know everything about Japan? Read below and test your knowledge!

1.      The Russian Federation and Japan have not yet signed an agreement over the Kurile Islands which means that, technically, a state of war still exists between the Kremlin and Tokyo.


2.      There are over 1, 500 earthquakes per year in Japan.

3.      Almost 50, 000 people over 100 year-old live in the Land of the Rising Sun.

4.      The country is made up of 6, 800 islands.

5.      There are several islands inhabited by cats, rabbits and monkeys. Japan is also known for a monkey mountain, horse cape, deer park and a fox park.

6.      The Japanese trains have an average delay of 18 seconds which makes them the most punctual in the world.


7.      The number of animals living in Japan is bigger than the number of children.

8.      Almost 100% of adoptions in Japan are of male adults, in order for businesses to remain within the family.

9.      Almost 90% of the mobile phones in Japan are waterproof, because they are used even in the shower.

10.  In Japan and Korea, there are cat cafes where people can go for a coffee and hang out with cats.

11.  Sleeping during the job is acceptable in Japan, since it is perceived as exhaustion from a job well done.

12.  The Japanese use 24 billion pairs of chopsticks annually.

13.  Black cats are symbols of good luck in the Japanese culture.

14.  Japan has the second lowest homicide rate. People feel so safe that they leave their house and car doors unlocked.

15.  People are forbidden to speak on their mobile phones on a subway, train, or bus.