The Assassination of JFK – a 50 Year Old Mystery  The Last Moments of the Most Loved American President jpeg

The Assassination of JFK – a 50-Year Old Mystery. The Last Moments of the Most Loved American President

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🗓️ 17 februarie 2014

The circumstances surrounding the death of the most popular President in US History are still shrouded in secrecy

He was murdered by the KGB. Lee Harvey Oswald was, in fact, a double agent. Or he is still alive and the assassination was a diversion. On second thoughts, no, he was murdered by the Chinese. Or maybe the American Secret Services did it, because they wanted to remove him from power. They also killed Marilyn, because she knew too much. The sheer number of theories regarding John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination is matched only by the hypotheses surrounding Elvis’ famous death.

On November 22nd, 2013, 50 years passed since JFK was mortally wounded by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas. There has been half a century since the event the changed the world happened, yet, the mystery of the assassination of the most beloved American President still remains uncovered. In the morning of November 22nd, 1963 “the President of the Free World” landed in Dallas aboard the Air Force One. His wife, Jacqueline “Jackie” Bouvier-Kennedy accompanied him dressed in her emblematic pink suit. Fifty minutes later, three gunshots were fired in the direction of the convertible from which the President and his wife were smiling and waving to the crowds. After another half an hour, Kennedy was pronounced dead and the pictures of Jackie’s pink suit stained with her husband’s blood were printed in every newspaper around the world.

“Well, it’s all over now”

The attacker, Lee Harvey Oswald, was caught soon after the President was pronounced dead. He was arrested for another murder, however, only later did the Police realise who he was. Oswald was 24 years old when he pulled the trigger hidden behind the sixth floor window of the Book Depository of the State of Texas. He had been in the US Navy, but deserted to the USSR in 1959 where he lived for almost three years. When the Police caught him, he said drily “Well, I think it’s all over now”.

Testimonies of JFK’s Death

The Federal Authorities carried out four official investigations after which they established Oswald as the one who murdered Kennedy. Also, they discovered that the second gunshot that hit the President in the head was the fatal one.  Yet, the testimony of one of the nurses present when the doctors from the Dallas Parkland Hospital were trying to save the President’s life, tells a completely different story. Phyllis Hall remembers she was 28 years old when she was dragged by a Secret Service agent to the surgery room, in order to participate in the resuscitation manoeuvres.

The Fatal Bullet

There were many doctors in the room and one of them told her to take care of the President’s head, which had been effectively destroyed by the gunshots. However, while she was doing that, she saw a suspect bullet which was unlike the others found in JFK’s body. Supposedly, that bullet was immediately taken away and nobody mentioned it from that moment on.

Oswald’s sympathy for the USSR and the Marxist – Leninist Ideology is widely known. Yet, the fact that he was murdered just two days after the President’s assassination raised many questions:was he liquidated so as not to be able to speak?

The detective Jim Leavelle – who interrogated Lee Harvey Oswald immediately after JFK’s assassination-gave the American press unknown details about the moments after the American President’s death. Leavelle remembered that he decided to handcuff himself together with Oswald, because the Dallas Police Department received many death threats against the attacker. The ex-detective confessed about those tense moments that “I told him that if somebody shoots him, I can only hope that they will have the same precision as he did, so I wouldn’t get shot too. He started laughing and said nobody is going to shoot him”.

However, after a short time, Oswald was mortally wounded by Jack Ruby, an employee of Dallas night club. Leavelle said that it was almost a miracle that the bullet did not hurt him as well. The detective’s granddaughter Kate Griendling said that everybody was focused on Oswald’s assassination and not on his capture. “I think that the people want to concentrate on his death, because if he hadn’t been shot, there wouldn’t have been conspiracy theories.”

She concludes that “there would have been a trial and he would have been found guilty.”Moreover, Griendling says that what the policemen did at that time was absolutely remarkable. They had no wireless transceiver or GPS, yet they caught Oswald in just 88 minutes which was an incredible performance.

What Oswald’s Widow Believes

Lee Harvey Oswald’s 72-yeard old widow of Russian origin, Marina Oswald Porter, is convinced that the father of her two children did not shoot the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. She believes that Lee was the scapegoat for a plot designed by the CIA and the Mob. Marina remarried and she is living now in a small Texas city. After 50 years since JFK's assassination, a Gallup poll discovered that more than half of Americans – namely 61%-think that USA’s “Golden Boy” was murdered by a global conspiracy.