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The Secret History of the Mossad: “Legally Approved” Crimes

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Autor: Michael Nicholas Blaga
🗓️ 28 august 2013

“The Mossad is like the official hangman or like the doctor in the Death Room who administers the lethal injection. Your every action is approved of by the State of Israel. When you murder, you do not violate the law. You execute a sentence approved of by the incumbent prime minister.” Meir Amit (General Director of the Mossad, 1963-1968)

The subject matter of this review is a book published by the New York Publishing House St. Martin Griffin called GIDEON’S SPIES-The Secret History of the Mossad.It was translated into 16 languages and was transformed into a documentary for BBC’s Channel 4. The book is the result of a 3-year detailed study, since the author was allowed to interview key people from the structures of the Mossad. Gordon Thomas is a British writer who published over 53 books that were sold in more than 45 million copies. Moreover, two of his books were adapted for television.

The author confessed in an interview that he would not write another book about the Israeli espionage, because he was the victim of many threats from various interest groups. Convinced that he would be arrested in the Tel Aviv airport upon his departure from Israel, Gordon entrusted his friends with the manuscript of the book and they managed to get it out of the country. This may account for be the lack of reference books on the subject of the Mossad.

There are over 200 and 51 books published about the CIA (the American espionage service) and the MI5 (the British service) respectively. The cover of Gordon’s book reads the following conclusion:“This is one of the few books which encapsulated the true nature of the Government of Israel and the thinking process of the Israeli political elite.” (Ari Ben-Menashe, counselor to the Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir).

“MOSSAD” is the Israeli state institution created on March, 2nd, 1951, with the mission of eternal espionage. In Hebrew, the name MOSSAD comes from the initials of the Institute for Coordination. Mossad is under the jurisdiction of the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry and the superior officers working there come from the other services of the Israeli information community:Shin Bet (Internal Security Service) and Aman (espionage service for the military aviation and navy). The officers’ task is informing the Mossad about the specific needs of its clients.

Whatever disagreement might have been between the Mossad and its clients, it was to be submitted to the examination of the prime minister. Ben Gurion was prime minister at the time when the Mossad was founded and he clarified that:“You will give the Mossad your institution’s (Shin Bet or Aman) shopping list. Mossad will acquire whatever you need. It is none of your business to know the price or how the information you requested was obtained (p. 39).” Ben Gurion was also the one who gave the functioning order of the Mossad:“The Mossad will act under my leadership, it will operate according to my instructions and will report directly to me.”

In conclusion, the presence of the incumbent Israeli prime minister should be acknowledged behind every action of the Mossad. This way, the author reveals unpublished details about Benyamin Netanyahu, the youngest prime minister in the history of Israel. Because he had experience with espionage activities, it was expected from him to know the inner workings of the Mossad, when to listen, how far he could go in external activities etc.

However, from the beginning, Benyamin Netanyahu surprised his officers with his long experience in foreign espionage which allowed him to be involved in the operational details. Initially, his involvement was perceived as being overzealous, however, when Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, started to invite Mossad officers to her private home, the situation turned out to be alarming. Sara claimed that she questioned the Mossad officers, because she was following Hillary Clinton’s example who, as the First Lady, was interested in the actions of the CIA.

Sara Netanyahu requested the psychological profile of the world’s leaders that she and her husband were to visit or to receive during state visits. “She requested details especially about Bill Clinton’s sexual activities. (p.3)” Moreover, she wanted to see the dossiers of the Israeli ambassadors who would be their hosts in their foreign trips. Amused by her requests, the Mossad officers replied to the prime minister’s wife that acquiring such information did not fit their job description.

The Mossad involves the US in the Holocaust

Even more surprising details are brought on by this book about the Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, who was in power when the Jonathan Pollard scandal exploded.  Pollard was an officer of the American military navy who was caught spying for Israel. Shamir came up with the theory that the US was largely responsible for the Holocaust. He was convinced that the President Franklin Roosevelt should have negotiated with Hitler the replacement of the UK with Germany in the Middle East. As a reward, Hitler would have allowed the German Jews to emigrate to Palestine and the Holocaust would have never occured.

However improbable this theory is, it made Shamir almost hate the US. He ordered the Mossad to send to the USSR as a goodwill gesture a part of the 500, 000 secret pages stolen by Jonathan Pollard from the US. Shamir hoped that this action would improve the Israeli-Soviet relations. The stolen American documents consisted of up-to-date information concerning the defence of the Soviet airspace as well as the annual CIA evaluations of USSR’s total war capabilities, satellite photos;communication and reports interceptions of the CIA agents in the USSR.

The prime minister was indifferent when the general director of the Mossad, Nahum Admoni, warned Shamir that sending the reports would most likely allow the Soviets to capture the American spies inside the USSR (p. 193). The author claims that the prime minister was also involved in the assassination of Robert Maxwell, the owner of the London and Tel Aviv-based Daily Mirror and Maariv newspapers respectively.

Throughout time, Maxwell became a major Israeli influence agent in the West. In 1990, before the coup d’etat against Gorbachev, the director of the Mossad, Nahum Admoni, secretly met on his yacht the director of KGB, Vladimir Kriucikov. Kriucikov proposed Israel on behalf of the Moscow conspirators that the Mossad should make use of its influence in the US and Europe, in order to recognize the new Soviet government after Gorbachev’s ousting. Kriucikov promised that, in exchange, they would allow the free emigration of the Soviet Jews.

Kriucikov was imprisoned, because the plot failed. On September 30th, 1991, Robert Maxwell threatened the Mossad that unless he receives the millions of dollars stolen from the Maariv journalists’ pension fund that he would disclose to the public the secret meeting between Kriucikov and Admoni. The follow-up to this blackmail was the assassination of Robert Maxwell.

The book explains that Meir Amit’s (director of the Mossad between 1963 and 1968) invention of the SAYANIM ensured Mossad’s constant success in gathering information on an international scale. In Hebrew, Sayanim means “voluntary help from Jews”. Each SAYAN was and is an example of the historical cohesion of the Jewish world community. Regardless of a Jew’s oath of allegiance to the country he may live in, “IN THE END, A JEW WILL ADMIT A GREATER LOYALTY:THE MYSTICAL LOYALTY TO ISRAEL AND THE NEED TO HELP ISRAEL AGAINST ITS ENEMIES.” Sayanim had more functions:a sayan who works at a car rental would provide a Mossad officer with a vehicle without the necessary legal documents for the rental (identity card, driving license, credit card etc).

A sayan working at a hotel would offer accommodation without the required documents. A sayan banker would open the door to his bank outside office hours and would give the necessary money. A sayan doctor would offer medical help by treating a bullet wound without informing the police. Sayans would receive money only to cover the expenses generated by their services, yet their own effort is strictly voluntary and free of charge. They collect technical data and all kinds of open source information:a rumour they heard at a select party, news from the local radio station, a newspaper article, an interesting story heard at a select dinner. Sayans offer free of charge and voluntarily new leads for Mossad investigations. In 1998, there were 4.000 Sayan people in the UK and almost 16.000 in the US.

The Vatican – Mossad’s greatest enemy

In 1979, a small Sayan functionary working for a rich Christian in Rome copied a Vatican document he received from his boss. It was a proposal from Pope John Paul II to transform Jerusalem into an international city under the supervision of the UN’s Blue Helmets and where the Vatican would control all the Christian places of worship. In just a few hours, the document reached Menachem Begin, the Israeli prime minister, who received it with consternation. The Israeli leadership feared Vatican’s actions as Golda Meir declared:“I am fascinated by the Marxist structure of the Papacy. First of all, its financial power is almost unprecedented. Then, the Papacy operates without political parties or trade unions. The whole apparatus is organized for control. ”

“The Roman Curia controls the bishops, the bishops control the clergy, the clergy control the people. With its multitude of secretariats, committees and structures, the Papacy is a system built especially for espionage and informing“(p. 213). The Israelis are always observing the Vatican, because they know it is a dreaded enemy with over 500 years of espionage activity. Moreover, the Vatican is hostile towards Israel and a friend of the Palestinians and thus, the Israeli make real efforts so as to reach a modus vivendi with the Papacy.  

President Ronald Reagan established with Pope John Paul II an unprecedented agreement in the history of the US. On the basis of this agreement, the Pope was to be informed about every single aspect of the American policy – military, political and economic. Every Friday at 8 pm, the chief of the CIA in Italy presented the Pope with the latest secrets the CIA received from its satellite network as well as from its listening devices and its agents around the world. In 500 years of diplomatic history, the Vatican was never more involved in international actions as in the time of Pope John Paul II.

On May, 13th, 1981, because of his activism, the Pope was almost murdered by the Turk Mehmet Ali Agca. The Mossad found out through its own channels who ordered Agca to kill the Pope and it provided the Vatican with the results of its investigation. The plot was approved of and supported by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and was set up in Teheran. Khomeini thought that the Pope’s assassination was the first step in the war against the West and its culture, which was approved of by the world’s biggest Christian Church. In order to justify its actions, Teheran quoted a declaration of the Pope at a meeting in Rome:“The Qur’an teaches people aggression. We teach people peace.”

“Certainly, human nature distorts every message sent by religion. But, in spite of the fact that people could go on the wrong paths because of vices and bad habits, Christianity aspires to peace and love. Islam is a religion that attacks. Should it begin to preach aggression to the entire community, it will end up cultivating negative elements in each person. It is known where this leads:such people will violently attack us” (p 238). The Pope immediately responded to the news and surprised the entire world with his unexpected visit to the jail in Rome where Agca was imprisoned.

The Turk confirmed the fact that everything started in Teheran. This influenced the Pope’s attitude towards Islam and Israel. Frequently, the Pope would preach to his intimate circle at the Vatican that the new world conflict would not be waged by East and West (USA and Russia), but by fundamentalist Islam and Christianity (p. 242). In December 1993, Pope John Paul II recognized the state of Israel and established diplomatic relations with it.  

The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin – a mystery

A surprising chapter of this book is the one concerning the Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination by Yogal Amir. The renowned journalist Barry Chamish collected and published on the Internet every medical and ballistic report as well as the tribunal depositions of those guarding Rabin, the doctors who tried to save his life and the interviews of the Israelis inside the information community.

The conclusions are shocking:“the Government’s Investigation Committee accepted as false the theory of an assassin and acknowledged that it was a staged attack approved of by the prime minister. The attack was designed to fail, however, it should have renewed Rabin’s dwindling popularity. Yogal Amir accepted that he would be the sole gunman. Amir was provided with fake bullets and he shot just one fire, not three as it was previously believed.

Yitzhak Rabin didn’t have blood on his body and walked on his own feet to the vehicle which was waiting for him. “However, during a strange race to the hospital, Rabin was shot twice with real bullets fired from his bodyguard’s pistol, Yoram Rubin. The gun disappeared at the hospital and was never to be found again. Rubin would later commit suicide (p. 133).”

The Mossad knew who killed Princess Diana

The most fascinating pages of the present book are the ones concerning the death of Princess Diana. A few days before Diana’s death, the Mossad recruited Henri Paul (head of the bodyguards and security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris) who would take with him to the grave Princess Diana and the son of the Ritz Hotel’s owner. There is a long list of clues of a conspiracy to assassinate Diana and the author directly and methodically analysed all of them.  

I would like to mention one important clue. An ex-MI6 officer named Tomlinson who was living in Switzerland uploaded on the Internet the real names of 12 fellow officers who were entrusted with the mission of killing Diana. This caused a huge uproar in the UK. The British Government issued an arrest warrant for Tomlinson and retired to England the 12 officers from their external missions.

In the end, I would like to mention other hot subjects present in the book:the Vatican and the Italian Mob collected more than 200 billion $ for the Polish SOLIDARNOST trade union. The money were eventually stolen by the Mossad for their black PSYOPS;in 1998, the Mossad had a team of assassin officers which consisted of 48 people, 6 of which were women and on average, they were 25 years of age and in a perfect physical state (p. 213). With an arsenal of 200 atomic bombs, Israel is the fourth nuclear power of the world.