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Was Marilyn Monroe Assassinated on Bobby Kennedy’s Orders?

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Marilyn Monroe lived a very controversial life, yet her death left even more questions unanswered and gave way to many hypotheses. The newest theory about her can be found in the pages of the novel “The Murder of Marilyn Monroe:Case Closed”. According to the Daily Mail, the actress was murdered on Robert Francis “Bobby” Kennedy’s orders, the youngest brother of the ex-president John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Marilyn Monroe’s death on August 4th, 1962 was reportedly a suicide, yet this new book suggests that it was, in fact, an assassination orchestrated by Bobby Kennedy. Supposedly, he decided to stage an assassination attempt, in order to prevent her from revealing the red diary with consisted of the “dirty secrets” of the Kennedy family. Presumably, Bobby did not act alone and apparently, actor Peter Lawford helped him as well as Ralph Greenson – the actress’s psychiatrist – who reportedly administered her a pentobarbital injection in the heart.  

This and more can be found in a new book by Jat Margolis – investigation reporter and expert in Monroe’s life-and Richard Buskin – columnist for the New York Times and a best seller author. The Daily Mail exclusively presents their volume “The Murder of Marilyn Monroe:Case Closed” which promises to bring to the light all the details of Monroe’s death by putting together the declarations of the eyewitnesses.  

Apparently, Peter Lawford felt very guilty and declared that “Bobby Kennedy decided to reduce her to silence, regardless of the consequences”. “It was the craziest thing he had ever done and I was crazy enough to let it happen”. Reportedly, James Hall, the ambulance doctor, entered Monroe’s house at the moment when Greenson violently broke one of her ribs and injected her undiluted pentobarbital directly into the heart. Greenson acted on Bobby Kennedy’s orders of “taking care” of Marilyn.

Bobby Kennedy had a relationship with Marilyn in the summer of 1962 when he was asked by his brother to go to Los Angeles, in order to make the actress give up calling the White House and to explain her that he would not leave his wife to marry her. Marilyn concentrated on Bobby who promised to divorce his wife and marry her, although Lawford claimed that the Kennedy brothers used to pass Marilyn to one another like a soccer ball.

However, when Bobby tried to break away from her, Marilyn threatened that at a press conference she would reveal her sexual relationships with the Kennedys and all their dirty secrets from a red small diary.

At some point, Bobby Kennedy asked her to reveal where she had hidden the diary, yet Monroe strongly declined and therefore, Kennedy threatened her. Yet, he made up his mind and asked for his two bodyguards to help him. One of them injected her with pentobarbital while Bobby and Lawford were looking for the red diary. But, since the effect of the injection was short lived, the bodyguards made Marilyn take 30 pills. Kennedy and Lawford left the premises and Marilyn’s maid called the ambulance suspecting that she had overdosed.

The doctors James Edwin Hall and Murray Liebowitz arrived immediately and tried to resuscitate her. Hall said that “she had no clothes on. There was neither a water or an alcohol glass. We noticed her rattling breath, weak, but fast pulse and that she was unconscious.”

“When I leaned over her, I noticed that there was no sign of vomiting, which is highly unlikely in a case of an overdose and also, her breath did not reek of drugs which is another classic symptom”, Hall declared. The doctors managed to make her breathe again, but then Greenson appeared and claimed to be her doctor and asked to treat her. In that moment, Greenson administered her the fatal injection. “There were five witnesses to Marilyn Monroe’s assassination. Three out of five – Lawford and the doctors Hall and Liebowitz – claim that Ralph Greenson is to blame.”